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The Bland Leading The Bland

It's Time To Market Yourself Out-Of-The-Box

The Lawnmower Guy, part 1.

The Lawnmower Guy, part 2.

It's Gettin' Tough Out There.

Voice-Overs or Acting Classes? You're Both Right.

Practice Makes...

More Demo Stuff

The Stuff Demos Are Made Of

Grab Your Partner

Enough Already with the Quickies


If You Do It...

Hope For The Best

Audition Obsession

Time To Take Two

But with one T

No Peaking

One More For You


Ad Hock Archives

Girl Who Sings The Jingles

Remember, no one walks away humming the announcer and there are no credits at the end of a spot for the singer. These people are truly the anonymous heroes of commercials.

BareBones Budget

They say filming the average TV spot cost more per second to produce than a Hollywood movie! That's because advertising creative people are (1) frustrated film-makers, and (2) usually in need of a vacation. So, when conceptualizing a TV spot, the first thing that always comes to their mind is.........palm trees! The trick here is to convince the client that shooting in Tahiti is a must!

Spotless American Rag

Say what you will, America has a pre-occupation with "clean." You may not want to take responsibility for it but it was also the American public that motivated the likes of Mr.Whipple and the TidyBowl man!
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