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About My Marketing Guide...

What a hoot! Not that many years ago, no one had even heard of a "voice-over." A few scant years later, the Internet happened. Now it's a whole new playing field.
The Voice-Over Community is just beginning to explore the possibilities that are unfolding for us on the web. The Internet has changed the direction of the voice-over industry. Among other things, my Marketing Guide is going to take you through every aspect of the online auditioning and booking process. One of the fun things is that you'll be auditioning for and booking jobs from all over the world AND you'll almost never have to leave your home to do it; that's because you'll be working out of your own recording studio!
I'm going to show you how you can create a simple, affordable home recording set-up for under $100—and you don't have to be Bob Villa to do it!
But that's just part of what this book will cover...
I've included my voice-over cheat sheet which contains short cuts and auditioning techniques that I've taught and used for years, a Q&A chapter that covers almost every topic you can imagine (and some you can't), and here's a welcome change: It's written in easy to understand language—any technical references are quickly explained.
I guess you can tell that I'm very excited about this book; so read it...and be excited with me!!!

Take It From The Top!
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